Europeans found the South America twice

For the Europeans the old new focus of the international trade are the Americas; North and South. The business opportunities are huge not at least in the South America where the countries are getting out from the long time recession.

The South American countries as well as all the Latin American nations are investing in the production and added value in the business processes. The reason is not only the low price of oil which is important part of the economy in many Latin American countries but the intelligent way of planning and thinking to produce on spot from the own rawmaterial reserves.

The cooperation between Latin America and European Union is getting better day by day. The europeans finally or again recognize the importance of Latin America. It is very natural this happens. Latin culture is near us, it is something where we feel good. The values are similar to the europeans and even you don’t speak spanish or portuguese you understand si, no, gracias y mi amigo! The cooperation from Europe is welcome not only in economical aspect but also because of the social responsability, the environmental care and the high business ethics of the Europeans.

The blogwriter is:

Eco. Lassi J Pensikkala


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