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100% Environmental – Cultivated teak wood direct from the plantation from Ecuador

Teak from Ecuador- FEQ First European Quality


We are a family business in Ecuador dedicated to develop forest and industrial projects with Teak (Tectona Grandis), with high quality standards.

We are producers and our forest projects start from the planning of the plantations according to the available natural resources and selecting the best certificated seeds originating in Guanacaste-Costa Rica, to achieve an excellent developing in addition to complying with a strict maintenance schedule and thinning during all stages of forest growth.

Implementing a state-of-the-art forestry technology makes our plantations successful and also provides a valuable source of work to surrounding communities.

We offer a high quality and durability product that can be use in floors and furniture both outdoors or indoors. Stave, planks and dry planks; sawing and machinated to facilitate its installation.


It is one of the finest and most noble woods. Its characteristics make it one of the most desirable in the world due to its color and long durability. It is attributed a layer of protective oil that makes it immune to pests, sun and rain. Originally from Myanmar (Burma) it was introduced in Central and South America more than a century ago.

In Europe it is used in the construction of roofs and interiors of luxury boats for its elegance and resistance to salt. In Asia for floors and the finest carved furniture. In America for floors and decorative finishes, joinery and carpentry.

Teak wood produced by HLL is delivered to the client according to the following technical characteristics:

DESCRIPTION: Costa Rican Teak
YEARS: 18 to 25.
TECHNOLOGY: a state-of-the-art forestry technology
HUMIDITY: Oven drying from 12% to 14% maximum moisture
DURAMEN: 85 to 95%
CUT: sawed, edged or machined Teak.
PROTECTION: wood immunized against mold and mildew.
MEASURES: specific according to request
USES: Indoors and outdoors

We are looking forward to help you with your requests. In case you need any more information please don´t hesitate to ask for it.

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Eco. Lassi Pensikkala

Tel. +593-99-7565605
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